AEC-Managed Regions

For students that live and study in the America’s, there are two avenue’s to participate in Space Settlement Design Competitions (SSDC’s):

  1. Regional Semi-Finals
  2. Qualifying

1. Regional Semi-Finals

Aerospace Education Competitions (AEC) directly manage Space Settlement Design Competition (SSDC) Regional Semi-Finals. These events are part of the International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC), with winners progressing to the ISSDC Finals, held annually in July at the Kennedy Space Centre (Florida, USA).

These Regional Semi-Finals include:

  • Canada
  • Latin America
  • USA: South-West
  • USA: North-West
  • USA: East Coast

Regional Semi-Finals are in-person events, generally held over a weekend in the February or March timeframe. More information will be made available about this year’s events in coming weeks.

There are no prerequisites to participate in a Regional Semi-Final – as long as you meet the age requirements to compete, and live in the Region in question.

2. Qualifying

For students that cannot travel to, or participate in, a Regional Semi-Final event, there is another option!

All students in the America’s are also eligible to compete in the Qualifying Round. Rather than travel to an event and participate in person, students can form companies in their own areas and compete remotely against all the other Qualifying Participants.

Students work on almost the exact same scenario as students at the Regional Semi-Finals, with one key difference: rather than present their designs as a presentation before a panel of judges, students prepare a forty-page business proposal and submit it to the judging panel in writing.

Winners of the Qualifying Round also earn a place at the ISSDC Finals.

If you live in these regions and want to learn more about how to participate in your local Regional Semi-Final or the Qualifying Round, let us know now!