Special Space Settlement Design Competition Events for Tribal Students in the U.S. and Canada:

A generous grant from Blue Origin’s Club for the Future Foundation enables the National Space Society ( to partner with Aerospace Education Competitions and offer two special Space Settlement Design Competition events in 2024 – one each for high school and college students –  to encourage students from disadvantaged communities to enter the future space careers “pipeline”. NSS has decided to designate these events specifically for Tribal students.

Who Is Invited: High School (minimum age 15) and College students from tribal communities in the U.S. and Canada, and/or students attending schools with a large percentage of tribal students. ONLY THE FIRST 200 REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED TO PARTICIPATE FOR EACH EVENT

For High School Students:  Register as a group of five or more students accompanied by a Chaperone/Advisor/Teacher  who will also receive Competition-provided lodging, meals, and transportation.The Chaperone/Advisor/Teacher takes responsibility for conduct of students in the group throughout the event.

What these Events Are: The same amazing, intense, and potentially life-changing events we offer as Semi-Finals and Tournaments world-wide, starting 40 years ago—emulating the experiences of engineers and management working in a large Proposal Team in the future to design and present a Vision for a large settlement where thousands of people will live and work in space.

What You Can Expect to Learn: It’s mostly about learning and practicing industry skills that can be useful throughout participants’ lives and careers, especially teamwork, communication, and task management.

How You Can Expect Your Community to Benefit: Competition scenarios are about designing communities that just happen to be located in space. You can bring knowledge and skills acquired at the Competition back home, where you may find ways to improve the community where you and your neighbors live.

When: For College students, Tuesday-Thursday 18 – 20 June 2024
For High School students, Friday-Sunday 21 – 23 June 2024

Where: Kennedy Space Center, Florida

IMPORTANT: participants and participating groups must arrange their own transportation to either Orlando Airport or the Holiday Inn on Helen Hauser Blvd. in Titusville, Florida, by mid-afternoon on the first day of their event, and must arrange return transportation from either Orlando Airport or Titusville after the event.

What is included / provided:
– Hotel rooms for three nights (shared occupancy)
– Meals during the Competition
– Bus service to / from Orlando airport
– Bus service between hotel and Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
– Tools and supplies for working on the project