Aerospace Education Competitions (AEC) exists to nurture the next generation of aerospace professionals, through the organization and delivery of Space Settlement Design Competitions ® (SSDC) – at times known colloquially as SpaceSet.

As part of these events, students adopt positions within a simulated professional workplace setting, and are mentored by industry professionals as they work to deliver solutions to simulated futuristic aerospace engineering scenarios.

AEC ensures that students – primarily, but not exclusively  high school students – gain a deeper understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) – specifically their application in the industries of today and tomorrow –providing them a platform to pursue careers in aeronautical, and other, fields and disciplines.


  1. AEC knows that the practical application of STEM skills is critical for the future generation of engineers, leaders, and professionals. Packaging these skills within the vehicle of futuristic space settlement design, we are steering students into learning more about STEM careers at a pivotal point in their education and development.
  2. AEC is committed to teaching students industry fundamentals, including:
      • Business management skills
      • Large team dynamics
      • Keeping within budgets and schedules
      • Adhering to deadlines as requirements change
      • Effective professional communication
  1. AEC believes that delivering a global competition, focused on STEM and professional skills development, will encourage high school students into global tertiary STEM education, through highlighting the real-world, practical application of STEM topics.

Our vision is to create a global network of passionate and dedicated STEM-enabled professionals, ultimately empowering the first truly global generation of aeronautical professionals.