How The SpaceSet Ball Got Rolling

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Anita Gale is a long-time veteran in the aerospace industry, formerly employed at The Boeing Company, as a payload/cargo integration engineer for reusable spacecraft in Houston, Texas.

In addition to Space Settlement Design Competitions, Anita contributes time and energy to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Space Colonization Technical Committee, and to the California State Science Fair. Anita is also a member of the Board of Directors of the National Space Society (NSS).

Dick Edwards was a long-time veteran in the aerospace industry and was employed at The Boeing Company, as a systems integration engineer for the Space Shuttle program in Houston, Texas.

The SpaceSet family suffered a huge loss on June 3, 2009, when Co-Founder Dick Edwards passed away suddenly due to a stroke. He was at the helm of his J24 sailboat, close to the front of the fleet in a Wednesday Night Sailboat Race on Clear Lake, near his home in Nassau Bay, Texas. At age 75, he was still productively working as an engineer on the Space Shuttle program just a few hours before his death. Anita scattered his ashes at one of his favorite places in the Grand Canyon.

Rob Kolstad has long-term interests in leadership activities. He is a computer scientist, consultant, and manager by trade in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Rob volunteers as a coach and judge for international computer programming competitions, and conducts a Regional Science Fair in Colorado.


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