The Space Settlement Design Competition library includes more than 200 books, over half of which are brought by the co-founders to each International Finalist Competition.

Books in the library provide information on a wide variety of topics important to the design of human communities in space, including environments and resources in space, design of spacecraft and structures in space, hazards to humans, infrastructure requirements and aesthetic factors in design of communities for humans, and use of computers and robots.

Some of our favorites in the library are listed below; these are the books we consult most often when preparing Competition materials and answering participant questions. The Competition organizers know that your team can create a winning Qualifying Competition proposal without access to these books (indeed, some are out of print and are difficult to find). This list is provided to give you an indication of the written materials that are available, the types of information that can be useful to you in assembling your design, and topics that the judges feel are important.

Space Settlements – A Design Study. NASA SP-413, 1977 U.S. Government Printing Office

Space Resources and Space Settlements. NASA SP-428, 1979 U. S. Government Printing Office

Space Mission Analysis and Design. Larson / Wertz, 1992 Microcosm, Inc.

Introduction to Space – The Science of Spaceflight. Thomas D. Damon, 1989 Orbit Book Company / 1995 Krieger Publishing Company

Keys to Space – An Interdisciplinary Approach to Space Studies. Houston / Rycroft, 1999 McGraw-Hill

How Spacecraft Fly. Graham Swinerd, 2008 Praxis Publishing Ltd.

The Space Environment – Implications for Spacecraft Design. Alan C. Tribble, 2003 Princeton University Press

Entering Space – Creating a Spacefaring Civilization. Robert Zubrin, 1999 Tarcher / Putnam

Colonies in Space. T. A. Heppenheimer, 1977 Stackpole Books

The High Frontier (3rd Edition). Gerard K. O’Neill, 2000 Apogee Books

Space Enterprise. Philip Robert Harris, 2009 Springer – Praxis

Encyclopedia of the Solar System. Weissman / McFadden / Johnson, 1999 Academic Press

Introduction to the Space Environment (Second Edition). Thomas F. Tascione, 1994 Krieger Publishing Company

Astronomy Today (Third Edition). Chaisson / McMillan, 1999 Prentice Hall

The Lunar Base Handbook. Peter Eckart, 1999 McGraw-Hill

Lunar Outpost–The Challenges of Establishing a Human Settlement on the Moon. Erik Seedhouse, 2009 Springer-Praxis

The Moon – Resources, Future Development, and Colonization, 2nd Edition. Schrunk / Sharpe / Cooper / Thangavelu, 2008 Springer – Praxis

Lunar Sourcebook – a user’s guide to the moon. Heiken / Vaniman / French, 1991 Cambridge University Press

The Case for Mars. Robert Zubrin, 1996 The Free Press (Simon & Schuster, Inc.)

Strategies for Mars: A Guide to Human Exploration. Stoker / Emmart (Editors), 1996 American Astronautical Society

On to Mars – Colonizing a New World. Zubrin / Crossman, 2002 Apogee Books

Asteroids – Their Nature and Utilization (Second Edition). Charles T. Kowal, 1998 Wiley / Praxis

Mining the Sky – Untold Riches from the Asteroids, Comets, and Planets. John S. Lewis, 1996 Addison-Wesley Publishing Company

Understanding Space – An Introduction to Astronautics. Jerry Jon Sellers, 2000 McGraw-Hill

Elements of Space Technology. Rudolf X. Meyer, 1999 Academic Press

Systems Engineering Principles and Practice. Kossiakoff / Sweet, 2003 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Spacecraft Systems Engineering. Peter Fortescue / John Stark, 1995 John Wiley and Sons

Elements of Spacecraft Design. Charles D. Brown, 2002 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Space Vehicle Design, Second Edition. Griffith/French, 2004 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Structures Technology for Future Aerospace Systems. Ahmed K. Noor (Editor), 2000 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Space Physiology and Medicine. NASA SP-447, 1982 U.S. Government Printing Office

Space Psychology and Psychiatry, 2nd Edition. Kanas / Manzey, 2008 Microcosm – Springer

Living and Working in Space (Second Edition). Philip R. Harris, 1996 Wiley / Praxis

Spaceflight Life Support and Biospherics. Peter Eckart, 1996 Microcosm Press / Kluwer Academic Publishers

Solar Power Satellites. Glaser/Davidson/Csigi, 1998 Wiley-Praxis

Visual Thinking for Architects and Designers. Kasprisin / Pettinari, 1995 Van Nostrand Reinhold

Engineering a New Architecture. Tony Robbin, 1996 Yale University Press

How Buildings Work – The Natural Order of Architecture. Edward Allen, 1995 Oxford University Press

The Next American Metropolis – Ecology, Community, and the American Dream. Peter Calthorpe, 1993 Princeton Architectural Press

Structures – The Way Things Are Built. Nigel Hawkes, 1990 / 1993 Macmillan Publishing Company

Materials and Design – The Art and Science of Material Selection in Product Design. Ashley/Johnson, 2002 Butterworth – Heinemann

Airport Engineering. Norman Ashford / Paul H. Wright, 1992 John Wiley and Sons

Infrastructure. Brian Hayes, 2005 W.W. Norton & Company

Transportation Engineering (PE Exam Depth Guide). James T. Ball, 2001 McGraw-Hill

Introduction to Communications Technologies: A Guide for Non-Engineers. Jones / Kovac, 2003 CRC Press

Communications Systems & Networks. Ray Horak, 1997 M & T Books

Telecommunications Essentials. Lillian Goleniewski, 2002 Addison-Wesley

Satellite Communications Systems (Second Edition). M. Richharia, 1999 McGraw – Hill

Water Treatment and Waste Recovery – Advanced Technology and Applications. Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff / Paul N. Cheremisinoff, 1993 P T R Prentice Hall

Handbook of Water Use and Conservation. Amy Vickers, 2001 Water Plow Press

Composting and Recycling Municpal Solid Waste. Diaz / Savage / Eggerth / Golueke, 1993 Lewis Publishers

Lunar Base Agriculture: Soils for Plant Growth. D. W. Ming / D. L. Henninger, 1989 American Society of Agronomy

Horticulture – Principles and Practices. George Acquaah, 1999 Prentice Hall

Agroecology – The Science of Sustainable Agriculture (Second Edition). Miguel A. Altieri, 1995 Westview Press

Organic Farming–Everything You Need to Know. Peter V. Fossel, 2007 Voyageur Press

Livestock Feeds & Feeding (Third Edition). D. C. Church, 1991 Prentice Hall

The Origins and Technology of the Advanced Extravehicular Space Suit. Gary L. Harris, 2001 American Astronautical Society

Nutrition for Dummies. Carol Ann Rinzler, 1999 Hungry Minds, Inc.

Architectural Representation Handbook. Paul Laseau, 2000 McGraw-Hill

The Timeless Way of Building. Christopher Alexander, 1979 Oxford University Press

A Pattern Language. Alexander/Ishikawa/Silverstein, 1977 Oxford University Press

Designing Places for People. C. M. Deasy / Thomas E. Lasswell, 1985 Whitney Library of Design

The Not So Big House. Sarah Susanka, 1998 The Taunton Press

Inside the Not So Big House. Sarah Susanka / Marc Vassallo, 2005 The Taunton Press

Smart Homes for Dummies. Brieve / Hunley, 1999 IDG Books Worldwide

How Computers Work. Ron White, 1997 Ziff-Davis Press

Computers in the Human Context. Tom Forester, 1989 MIT Press

Humans and Automation: System Design and Research Issues. Thomas B. Sheridan, 2002 John Wiley & Sons

The Essential Guide to Telecommunications, Third Edition. Annabel Z. Dodd, 2002 Prentice Hall

Network Analysis, Architecture, and Design. James D. McCabe, 2003 Morgan Kauffmann Publishers

Anatomy of a Robot. Charles M. Bergen, 2003 McGraw-Hill

Industrial Robotics: Selection, Design, and Maintenance. Harry Colestock, 2005 McGraw-Hill

Robots in Space. Launius / McCurdy, 2008 The Johns Hopkins University Press Press

Nanotechnology – A Gentle Introduction to the Next Big Idea. Ratner / Ratner, 2003 Prentiss Hall

Nanotechnology Demystified. Williams / Adams, 2007 McGraw-Hill

Nanofuture: What’s Next for Nanotechnology. J. Storrs Hall, PhD, 2005 Prometheus Books

Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers. (various editors and editions), McGraw-Hill

Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook. Perry/Green/Maloney, 1984 McGraw-Hill

Materials Handbook (Eleventh Edition). Brady / Clauser, 1977 McGraw-Hill

Project Management. Harold Kerzner, 2003 John Wiley & Sons

System Engineering Management. Benjamin S. Blanchard, 2004 John Wiley & Sons

Field Engineer’s Manual, 3rd Edition. Robert O. Parmley, 2002 McGraw-Hill

AIAA Aerospace Design Engineers Guide, Fifth Edition. ADEG Subcommittee, 2003 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics