Across most of the globe, Aerospace Education Competitions (AEC) offer Space Settlement Design Competitions (SSDC’s) through Regional Partners. These non-profit organizations are able to take the SSDC concept and competition material – provided by AEC – contextualise it for their own regions, and run 

These officially sanctioned SSDC events are part of the International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC) event, with winners from Regional Semi-Finals earning a place at the ISSDC Finals, held annually in July at the Kennedy Space Centre (Florida, USA).

There are certain Regions in which AEC directly run Regional Events. Please refer here for specifics:

AEC’s Regional Partners are listed below. Please contact them for specific details on how to participate in the ISSDC for your region.

USA – Central


Johnson Space Centre Space Settlement Design Competition



Asian Regional Space Settlement Design Competition (ARSSDC)



Space Design Competitions Australia

United Kingdom (UK)


Space Science and Engineering Foundation (SSEF)



Space Science and Engineering Foundation (SSEF)

Middle East + Africa


Space Science and Engineering Foundation (SSEF)