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For Students Across The Globe


SpaceSet is only one of many aeronautical-themed opportunities for high school students across the globe!

Whilst we are obviously biased towards SpaceSet events, AEC would like to pay special mention to several other events available, off of which also provide benefit to students!

Global Space Design Challenge

Run By: Space Science and Engineering Foundation (UK)

The Global Space Design Challenge is a twelve day event held at Imperial College London and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

It is an excellent platform for high school students to learn more about tertiary education opportunities in the United Kingdom.

Space Design Contest

Run By: National Space Society (USA)

Sometimes referred to as the NASA-Ames Design Contest, participants can submit effectively any space-related design, as long as it’s related to the future human colonisation of the solar system.

This event is segmented by year level, and attracts hundreds of submissions annually.

If your team is interested in the freedom to explore, design, and submit anything space related, and conduct your activities completely remotely, then this would be for you.