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SpaceSet competitions are run all across the globe, and all culminate in the illustrious ISSDC Finals at the Kennedy Space Centre!

AEC runs the ISSDC Finals each year, and supports a global network of Regional Partners that facilitate SpaceSet events in their specific Regions.

If you and your team want the opportunity to participate in the ISSDC Finals, you will have to first participate in a Qualifying Event.

What’s a Qualifying Event, you ask? Excellent question! Depending on where you live, they could be:

  • Regional Final: these events will encompass a region (such as the Pacific, or Europe), and comprise students from multiple countries.
  • National Final: some countries have their own National Finals, that students must first participate in prior to proceeding to a Regional Final.
  • Direct-Entry: if you come from a region that doesn’t currently have a Regional or National Finals, AEC runs a dedicated “Direct Entry” Qualifying Event, whereby teams can submit directly to AEC for judging (as they don’t have a Finals event to first go through).

Qualifying Events ensure that all students proceed through at least one level of SpaceSet event prior to their potential attendance at the ISSDC Finals – which means more learning for students, and a better experience for everyone!

Global Qualifying Events
Events in (almost) every part of the world!


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