This page discusses rules, registration procedures, and schedules. Read it over if you think you'd like to participate in the competition.

Eligibility Requirements for Team Members

High School students (9th through 12th grades) during the local equivalent of the U.S. school year (between August and June), and not studying in a full-time college or university curriculum as of 15 February (typically between 14 and 18 years of age; must be 19 years of age or less during the Finalist Competition).

Registration and Competition Procedures

Your team must register with the Competition organizers to receive key materials not included here. Only entries from registered teams will be considered for advancement.

The International Space Settlement Design Competition is evolving; eventually most Finalists will be selected through Semi-Finalist Competitions. The Competition process currently includes the following events:

Phase 1a: Register To Receive the Final RFP

Find your region below to find its registration procedures.

Region Instructions
United States and Canada Register here for the Qualifying Competition (note: teams registering by January 30 might be invited to a U.S. Regional Semi-Finalist Competition)
Asia (excluding Russia) Register at the Asian site for the Qualilfying Competition
Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and southwestern Pacific islands Register at the Australian Semi-Final site
Europe (including Russia) Contact via email for referral to Regional Coordinator
Africa Contact via email for referral to Regional Coordinator
Latin America (including Mexico and Central America) Contact via email for referral to Regional Coordinator

Phase 1b: Qualifying Competition (at your high school)

Your team represents Northdonning Heedwell, a major aerospace company, and your customer is an organization called the Foundation Society.

Create and submit your design for an orbiting space settlement, in hopes that your company will be awarded the lucrative contract to construct it. The Preliminary Request for Proposal (RFP) summarizes the requirements for the Space Settlement desired by the customer. When your team registers for the Competition, you will receive the Final RFP, which describes background information for a future year and everything the customer wants in your design. You will also receive submittal instructions and due dates. Submit your written (on paper!) design description for evaluation by the Judging Panel for your Region.

Notification Date for Finalist Invitations: Late May

Phase 2: International Finalist Competition at Johnson Space Center in Texas (by invitation only)

The 12 Finalist teams (12 members each) are tripled up to form four competing companies. Your company will prepare a new design responding to a different RFP at the JSC Gilruth Center. Competition organizers will also designate Invited teams to join the companies formed by the Finalist teams; companies will include up to 48 students.

The company members will work in conditions that resemble those experienced by high-pressure proposal teams in industry, with assistance from real working engineers and managers. Designs will be presented to an audience that includes the judges and competing teams. Presenters will answer the judges' questions about their designs. Judges will select a winning design, and provide a debriefing describing merits and weak points of the proposals.

Finalist Competition dates, arrival instructions, and task description will be provided with the invitations to attend.