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What is Spaceset?

Spaceset is an annual competition founded together by Anita Gale & Dick Edwards partnered by NASA. The competition involves high school students who comprise the participants that demonstrate the ability of working in planetary science. The competitors are required to make a proposal that envision space colonies & present their ideas & concepts. The whole process involves the competing teams and a challenge that is to design a space facility with a vision to accommodate habitat in the future.

Sapceset-An inspiration that beholds a great future. Spaceset believes that lasting impressions can be made & there are scattered capabilities across the length & breadth of America. Such individuals who are of bundle of dexterity, genius, aptitude & that CAN envision a surreal reality. Building colonies, possible by honest talents that fountain from true creativity, science, knowledge & art that enrich the Aerospace society. Redesign-rethink the way we live & make the most of the space we have in the world of the stars & planets THAT is exactly what the Spaceset is all about. Its time to recreate working experience in Astronics. US announces the Space Settlement Design Competition. One of the biggest events of Aerospace! This contest aims to recognize, honour & promote the talents. Designers, writers, architects students with inclination towards engineering- Human Engineering, great presenters, students with good capacity to understand & apply the advancing technology of this dynamic ever changing millennium, creative thinkers –innovators, with great understanding of business & economics so on and so forth. There isn't really a definition of the participants in terms of prerequisites, the only mandate is you have to have the fire, the passion, dedication, abilities to prove and translate your skills to be an outright thinker who is capable of thinking out of the box & translating ideas into reality.

Aim & Agenda of the contest
Spaceset glorifies and commemorates the best of the talents in the country. Inspired by the worlds of science & engineering cluster together with NASA the exquisite world of wonderful stars, satellites & the spectrum of real yet surreal possibilities. Gives recognition to a gamut of skills from specialized fields with sharp capabilities to exhibit the creativity, technical competence, management skills, space environment knowledge, presentation skills & needless to say efforts of the teamwork steered towards a single goal. The challenge would be to be able to conquer the difficulties, problems inherent in designing a space settlement. The team that does manage to get through to the finals obviously will have proved to have evolved as US's best.
Lends participants the most prestigious-glorified platform to share the single focused future vision right from the creative-technical competence through to demonstrative skills spaces.

What does the Space set comprise of?
Every year the competition organizers that are known names in the industry come up with a fresh new design challenge & a scenario with it's own unique prerequisites. The participating teams work together to create a design & a functional plan for the facility that is in correspondence to the project requirements. Each team here also termed as "company" prepares a proposal with a verbal presentation briefing the prestigious panel of judges addressing the whole project requirement & puts forth their ideas, concepts woven around their proposal & present the budgets & the schedule for the same.

Objective of the Spaceset
The pursuit is to unravel, discover and recognize the emerging talents in all the creative fields that would complete the aerospace literacy. Acknowledging the best in the fields of science, writing, presenting, engineering, socially responsible aerospace architecture by some of most innovative practices, out of the box thinking which happens to be a unique aspect that mostly goes unnoticed, will be given appreciation and attention to.

They win a contract with the 'Foundation Society', which happens to be a fictional organization that comprise of the companies or the participants. This throws a great opportunity for those budding gifted talented students that will have a chance to demonstrate their skills & expertise. Potentially encourage, recognize the capacity that make substantial contribution by partaking in the contest- sole purpose of the spaceset. Enabling a pedestal to stage, recognize seasoned, renowned & upcoming talents in Aerospace Industry.

What does Space Set offer?
This contest holds accolade to showcase those particular individuals/students who will show exploring new grounds of creating something truly exemplary in the field of Astro science. Something that must not be missed. Those that may have missed it by any chance, now is the time to ensure the entry for this rich experience that promises wide career avenues. The sole purpose is to potentially encourage, recognize the capacity that makes substantial contribution in Astronics. Sketched around fictional organization 'Foundation Society' to develop a futuristic setting. Companies compete to win a "contract" with foundation society. The companies comprise of the mentors that guide them through the whole procedure of the competition around two decades in the future.

A sneak peek in the history
The history of the Spaceset has witnessed many similar events earlier on in the past too that has earned the loyal of getting acclaims from the most celebrated big names that have played a key role in chiseling the science & aerospace spheres.

How Spaceset came into being
Today's spaceset that we now know has it's echoes reverberating since mid eighties. Yes! That's how old pace Settlement Design Competition is. In 1983, the first initiations occurred as a plan of Boy Scouts of America for the National Exploring Conference. It emerged that the concerned steering group of Science and Engineering Cluster wanted to do something to do with the space. Nobody on the committee knew much about space. Not many had the know how somehow Evelyn Murray from the Society of Women Engineers knew Anita Gale, who worked on the Space Shuttle program. Then on the networks were created to get this going with many other significant people were looped in. That's how the foundations where laid where the fundamental structure of the event was decided, that it would be both a design competition and a management simulation game. Gale and Dick Edwards wrote the materials for the game.

The Spaceset Story
The very conception of competition of the event was so successful from the very start that it won over Nasa's recognition & eventual involvement. The first ever Spaceset was held in 1986. Post which series of competitions were held with continuous involvement of Anita Gale & Dick Edwards, Rob Kolstad & Dr. mason. Yearly as many as 160 participants actively competed across varying design challenge each time. The competition continued to make a great impression due to it's educational value & hence continued as an annual event to commemorate different occasions like 25th anniversary of the first lunar landing. Year 1995 saw Epcot in Walt Disney join hands with Gale & Edwards. Slowly the competition acquired new hosts, Center for Space Education & NASA'S Kennedy Space Center.

How does it work
Volunteer efforts that make the competition possible are contributed by members of Sections of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics in Texas and Orange County (California), the Society of Women Engineers in Texas, the Boeing Company, NASA JSC, and other entities in the area around JSC.